Tom Aci

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Tom Aci likes to work with his clients in a consultant capacity rather than a real estate agent. Instead of having his clients buy a house, hed rather they buy a home that reflects their taste and makes them feel comfortably at home.

After 23 years, Tom left the office supply business where he had excelled at his last job ranking in the top 10% for the past nine years. So why give it up? Because Tom has long been intrigued by homes and architectural styles. He now enjoys sharing this passion with his clients by showing them the newness, the variety in layouts, and the endless possibilities. In other words, he allows his clients to buy the house that is right for them.

As a consultant, Tom takes a vested interest in his clients. First, he establishes a good rapport with them; he gets to know his clients tastes. He loves to work with people; therefore, he does not look for a transaction to transpire, but rather to build a lifelong relationship. He has worked in multicultural environments and understands different cultures.

His clients feel comfortable with him. They lay their trust and confidence in Tom because after they get to know him, they are aware that no one will take greater pride in his or her work and provide better hands-on service than he. He is professional, articulate, and a real hands-on person. When you retain Toms services, Tom is the one you will be working with. He will use aggressive and proactive ways to sell your home faster. If youre buying, he will ensure you have an enjoyable experience. In both cases, he will facilitate the process as much as possible. He will follow up with you until you are completely satisfied. A real estate agents activities do make a difference.

Tom Aci
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